About us

Aldus Ltd is an accounting services company established in London in 2000. We aim to provide effective accounting solutions to individuals and legal entities in the United Kingdom. We are here so that you can do what you know best in your field without any worries, entrusting your accounting to professionals.


We work by current legal norms, paying attention to the peculiarities of the client’s business activities. We manage our accounting based on legislation about that particular industry. It is important to us that the competence of our employees instils confidence in our customers.

The best evaluation of our work is long-term cooperation based on clients’ trust and their recommendations.


We ensure data protection, confidentiality, and professional services. Our constant demand on ourselves is to provide an accurate and timely service. We accept responsibility for our errors and their consequences. To protect ourselves and the client from unexpected financial losses, we are covered by a professional indemnity insurance policy.


We ensure operational efficiency and continuity of work without assigning a job or function to a specific specialist. We believe that a responsible attitude and professionalism is the way to success.


Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality accounting services, creating added value for their business.


Our vision is to become a company that dictates the standards of professionalism in accounting and business services.

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