Tax Refund

The most common case when a person recovers overpaid income tax is being self-employed in the construction sector and paying CIS tax under the Construction Industry Scheme.

There might be a case for that if you were employed as well. In short, if there is a reason for it, you can always get a refund on overpaid income tax. We invite you for a free consultation: we will always advise you based on your specific situation. Aldus Ltd’s experience of over 20 years as a registered HM Revenue & Customs agent enables us to provide clients with exceptional service in recovering the maximum amount of tax without breaching local laws.

We thoroughly assess our customers’ needs and help them avoid unnecessary worries.

Tax refunds for those who worked in the construction sector

The vast majority of freelancers working in the construction industry as subcontractors pay 20%, and in some cases 30%, income tax and must provide accounting details in their annual tax return at the end of the year. Most recover their taxes, with refunds of up to several thousand pounds.

Tax refunds in employment

Perhaps the most popular situation in which a person can reclaim tax in employed work is when working for several employers, and when the work is terminated before the end of the financial year, or when the wrong taxpayer code has been applied. In all cases, the employer must provide you with income certificates – P60 or P45 forms. However, even without them, we help clients get all the necessary data and recover their money.
With this in mind, you can entrust a tax refund to Aldus Ltd, we’ll do it in the shortest possible time. We pay much attention to data protection and confidentiality. We apply innovative solutions and understand your needs. We provide services remotely throughout the country, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t come to one of our offices in London.

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