When starting a business, questions arise about the choice of business type, so we always advise which option to choose based on the specifics.

One of the most attractive models for small and medium-sized businesses is the limited liability company (Limited Company), often abbreviated to “Ltd”, in which the shareholders’ liability for the company’s debts is limited to the unpaid price of their shares in the company, if any, and are not liable with their personal assets. Registering this type of business is a relatively simple and quick process. No share capital is required, and a response from

Companies House (companies’ registry) is often received on the same day. If needed, we will help you with any issues related to setting up companies. If the company founder is not a UK resident, we can provide the company with an address and offer other assistance.

The main reasons for choosing the limited company business model are: greater added value is created, many customers prefer to deal with a limited liability company, better opportunities to get a loan, and better tax optimisation than when working as a self-employed person.

We also help to establish a charitable organisation and register other types of businesses.

We can also manage the company’s accounting from A to Z.

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